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If planning to purchase or sell a property in Spain, the most important legal papers are: Escritura (Title Deed), Nota Simple issued by the Property Registry and the Catastro (Land Register).

What is an Escritura?
The Escritura is a public record of the sale/purchase. Each time a property is sold, a new Escritura will be issued. The Escritura Notarial (notarial act) converts a private contract into a public deed. In order to be valid, any Escritura in Spain has to be signed and authorised by a Spanish Notary, which includes the following information:

  • The names and identification of both parties (seller and buyer)
  • A detailed description of the property with sizes and boundaries
  • Proof that the seller is registered in the Property Register as the owner of the property
  • Any debts attached to the property
  • Proof that payment of IBI tax and communal charges are up to date
  • Sale price and payments

After the Escritura has been signed at the Notary by the seller and buyer, it then has to be registered with the Property Register (Registro de la Propiedad), when it then becomes an Escritura Publica.

What is a Nota Simple?
A Nota Simple is a report from the Property Registry that describes the property. The following Information is included in the Nota Simple:

  • The current owner
  • Stating if the  property has debts (mortgages or unpaid taxes)
  • Description of property
  • Property boundaries
  • Total size of land, house / apartment
  • Classification of land: rustico, urbano or urbanizable
  • Right of way others may have to the property, such as public paths, water or sewage lines.

IBI (Council) Tax
The IBI tax (Impuesto Sobre Bienes Inmuebles) is a local tax to be paid by the owner of a Spanish property, either annually or every six months to the Town Council (Recaudacion Provincial) where the property is situated. The tax demand is sent to you through the post and it remains your responsibility to pay it in a given time. The most convenient way to deal with payment of the IBI tax is by direct debit through your bank, or to visit the local tax office (called SUMA) and pay directly. The IBI tax receipt is required by law on any property sale, as a proof of payment for the previous years. If you sell your property and have not paid this tax, the new owner will become liable for back taxes, as well as for fines for late payment. IBI Tax bill for a property I don't own! This is an issue which affects many property owners in Spain, which are still paying the IBI tax, in the name of the previous owner. If you find yourself in this situation, contact us and we will help to rectify this matter.

Escritura & Property Registry Services

If you are planning to purchase or sell a property in Spain, we will ensure that the Escritura is registered with the Property Register, and that the Nota Simple report corresponds with what is stated in the Escritura, that it is free of debt and the property belongs to the seller. In case of irregularities in your Escritura, Nota Simple or Catastro, we will do all necessary work involved, to have your property papers brought up-to-date.

Proofing of Escritura, Nota Simple, Catastro & IBI Tax

This Service Pack includes a complete proofing of Escritura, Property Registry (Nota Simple), Catastro (Land Registry) and IBI (Council) tax.

What is included in this pack?

  • Proofing if your property is registered with the Catastro (Land Register) and if is registered in your name
  • Proofing if your property is registered with the Property Registry and includes all details, as stated in your Escritura
  • Proofing if plot, house, pool and other outbuildings, are registered with the Catastro (Land Register) and Property Register
  • Proofing of size of plot and buildings are registered with the Catastro and Property Register
  • Official Certificate included from the Land Register (Catastro)
  • Official Nota Simple included from the Property Register
  • Proofing if the IBI tax has been paid and is registered in your name
  • Payments for official certificates: Nota Simple and Certificate from the Catastro

What we require from the Owner of the property?

  • Copy of Escritura (Copia Simple)
  • Copy of Nota Simple (Land Register)
  • Latest IBI (council tax) receipt
  • Cadastral number and polygon of your plot, or
  • Cadastral reference number of your property

Availability: This service-pack is available for any property in Spain.

The price for this Service Pack includes proofing of the above only. If there are any discrepancies in the above, we will contact you to discuss further steps to correct these matters. Any extra work involved in correcting discrepancies in your legal paperwork, will incur extra fees, depending on the complexity of the work involved.

Price: 239 EUR

After you have paid for this Service Pack, we will contact you with regard to the requested documentation of your property. You will receive an update and overview of your property details, after all legal documents have been processed. If there are any differences in your official papers, we will discuss with you further steps to correct these matters. Any extra work involved in correcting discrepancies in your legal paperwork, will incur extra fees, depending on the complexity of the work involved. Payments are via PayPal, secure payment. All prices are including IVA Tax. Terms & Conditions apply.

Legal Advice & Personal Consultation

Our aim is to bring high quality legal advice at an affordable price. If you are unsure of the legality of your property, why not book an appointment with us. Consultation fee with our Lawyers is 90 EUR (per consultation), including proofing of your Escritura, Nota Simple, Catastro and IBI (council) tax.

More Information

For more information relating to property, please read our News / Blog. To book an appointment, please call us at 609 179 550 or 95 251 6494 or alternatively email us.

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