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Satellite imagery adds a new facet to the Real Estate community for all types of properties: residential and commercial. Instead of just seeing a frontal image or floor plan of your property, you can now have up to four bird’s eye views (photos) of your property, from four different angles (cardinal points). The four intermediate cardinal points shown correspond to the following degrees of a compass:  North-South (NS), East-West (EW), South-North (SN) and West-East (WE). We are also able to offer aerial photos of your property taken by an aerial vehicle. This service is available on request and in the Malaga area only. Satellite imagery is taken remotely by a satellite orbiting the Earth, while Aerial Imagery is taken from an Airplane or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that is flying within the Earth’s atmosphere. Whether showing one or all four bird’s eye images of your property, our satellite photographs can give you the edge to make the sale. You can print (frame it), email it to friends, buyers, real estate agents, or to use on your website. Satellite photos will also greatly enhance the appearance and functionality of Real Estate Agents listings. If you are looking for a property information pack that includes a satellite photo plus cadastral details of your property, please visit the pages which are describing our “Catastro Service Packs”.


Our Satellite Property Photos are available in two different packs: SAT PHOTO PACK-1 includes one satellite photo of your property, while SAT PHOTO PACK-2 includes four satellite photos of your property, each photo showing your property from a different angle (cardinal points): North-South (NS), East-West (EW), South-North (SN) and West-East (WE). At present we offer our satellite property images as digital files only. We will also make available high resolution prints (A4 & A3 paper format), that will be shipped directly to you. The example below will show satellite photos (Vista Images) of a property, taken from different angles. To enlarge, click photos. Please note that the photos used on our website have been optimized to load faster; therefore the quality of these photos is lower then the originals, which are included in the “satellite property photo packs”.

North-South View

South-North View

East-West View

West-East View

What is included in the Satellite Photo Packs?

  • Satellite photo(s) of your property, showing as bird’s-eye view
  • Your property photo(s) available with the best resolution on the market
  • File Format: jpg or png, approx 1.200 x 630 px
  • File size of each photo: approx 1.95 MB
  • Multispectral (colour satellite photos)

What we require from the Owner of the property?

  • Cadastral number and polygon number of your plot, or
  • Cadastral reference number of your property, or
  • Geo-location (coordinates of your property)

IMPORTANT: For some areas in Spain there are no Satellite (Vista Images) available. Please enquire before placing your order and we will do a pre-check, free of charge. Also, in order to localize your property, it is essential to provide the correct details, as requested above. If you are unsure about these details, please contact us.


Our Satellite Images (Vista Images) are quality photos, taken by satellite from the four cardinal points (North, South, East, West) and are shown from a bird’s eye view. To see quality and functionality of our Vista Images, comparing Vista Image quality with Google images, we have prepared a few examples. For more details, please click here


All payments are via PayPal, secure payment. After you have paid for the product, your digital property image(s) will be available for download. An email will be sent with instructions for downloading the purchased imagery. All prices are including IVA Tax. Terms & Conditions apply.

SAT PHOTO PACK-1 (includes 1 photo)
Price: 19 EUR

SAT PHOTO PACK-2 (includes 4 photos)
Price: 49 EUR


A Bird's Eye Photo of one's home is a unique gift idea. Once framed, the property photo will be treasured for years. In addition you can email it to friends, buyers, real estate agents, or to use on your website. The following examples will show how your property photo will look framed. We do also customized design work of your property photo. A few examples are shown here: property by night, gradient contour, Christmas decoration, text on image, and more). Click on photo to enlarge.


There are many uses for satellite photography in a professional and private environment. The photography can be used for a specific purpose, or it can be used for artistry or documentation. Satellite images provide people with a view of properties that they cannot get in normal instances. This can be very helpful when needing to see the whole property and not just parts of it. Our Satellite imaginary is great for:

  • Property Owners
    A satellite view is sometimes the only way to capture your entire property in a single photograph. Good quality satellite photographs make an extremely effective marketing tool for your property. Don't be limited to ground based photographs of your property. We offer you that extra edge to promote your property, to draw interest by providing satellite bird’s-eye views to showcase the entire property from various angles. Provide Buyers with satellite photos of your property and view the surrounding neighbourhood, the location of your property within the community and proximity to highways, airports, and rail lines.
  • Property Buyers
    A property and its surrounding area can be viewed without having to travel into the field, helping to save time when buying real estate.
  • Real Estate Developers
    Don't be limited to ground based photographs of your property. We offer you that extra edge to promote your development project, to draw interest by providing satellite bird’s-eye views to showcase the entire development from various angles.
  • Property Assessment
    Whether contemplating the purchase of a property, preparing a report for funding or making an assessment of property for insurance, relying on your memory or ground based photographs may not give you the information you need to seal the deal. Our satellite photographs taken from different angles can give you the added information you need to complete the big picture. However aerial photography using traditional method of helicopter and plane can be extremely expensive and relies on somebody else to get the pictures that you want.
  • Recreation Facilities
    Whether your recreational facility has a skiing, golfing, backpacking, fishing, camping or any number of activities, you need to draw in people. Draw investors, clients and employees to your recreational facility, dazzle them with stunning pictures and videos of the facility from a bird's eye view. Assist clients and employees in understanding your facility, identify maintenance issues.
  • Golf Courses
    Draw in clients and investors to your golf course; dazzle them with stunning photos of the course from a bird’s eye perspective. Assist golfers in understanding your course, the location, surroundings and identify maintenance issues. Take our satellite photos and review the information with developers, management, staff and clients to take all the guesswork out of location descriptions.
  • Real Estate Agents
    If you are a Real Estate Agent, you can use our satellite photos as a selling point. When you are trying to sell a large corporate property, providing the potential buyers with a bird’s eye view photo of the whole property, can be a good way to get the sale. The buyer will be able to see the property from above and get a better idea of how it will work for them. Display your business with a satellite image on brochures and reports, on your websites and at trade shows.
  • Property Investor
    If you are an investor trying to choose land for your next development, you can use our satellite photography to choose the right piece of land. The area around a proposed site can be viewed and analyzed in terms of parking/traffic access, adjacent buildings, land types and street networks to improve decision-making regarding site selection, so that you can pick the perfect spot to develop your next project.

Our satellite image database is updated as soon as our provider make it available, as we always want that our customers will have access to the most recent data. Heavily populated areas are updated almost every year, while smaller cities and large towns are generally updated every two to three years. Rural areas are less frequently updated. We do not offer night time satellite photos, as satellites cannot take high resolution images at night.

Satellite Imaginary
Satellites are capable of collecting large amounts of data in relatively small amounts of time. A modern satellite can be moved into position in less than 3 days and can take the photographs quickly once locked on to an area. Satellites generally reside several hundred kilometres above the earth's surface. Although satellite imagery has improved greatly over the years it is still lower resolution than aerial photography. Military satellites have a higher resolution but as yet this imagery has not become publically available. Both satellite imagery and aerial photography can suffer from environmental conditions. Being higher up in the atmosphere means that satellites have more weather conditions to cope with. The major advantage of satellite imagery is that the satellite can be positioned to take imagery of anywhere on the planet. It does not have to cross borders. Being above the earth, it is more efficient for a satellite to allow the earth to revolve below it than to physically move to the necessary location. Satellites still need to take into account the location of the sun to acquire visible light surveys so many satellites try to remain in sun-synchronous orbit. Satellites usually capture data in strips (similar to a continual video of the area) and allow a larger amount of data to be acquired per digital file. This requires far less post-processing than if it were to capture individual "frame" images.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography used to be a slow and time consuming process. The amount of time taken to capture an area depends greatly on its size and shape. As airplanes fly back and forth in 'runs', a series of overlapping photographs are taken. Aerial photography has the distinct advantage of having the lens closer to the subject. By adjusting the flying height of the aircraft capturing the data it is possible to improve the detail that can be captured. Although aerial photography can be affected by adverse weather conditions there is still the possibility of photographing areas in thin or high level cloud which might stop the use of satellites. Most aerial acquisition aircraft are fitted with a mount that allows a number of different cameras or sensors to be attached to the same aircraft. Having a removable sensor allows aerial acquisition to keep abreast of the latest developments in new technologies and the cost of fitting these is much lower than in satellites orbiting many kilometres in orbit. Recent developments in aerial camera design have moved towards the satellite's method of capturing strips of imagery.


We serve any industry in which “location” information plays a critical role in decision making.

  • Engineering
  • Surveying
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental
  • Insurance
  • Health Care
  • Public Sector and Government

We have compiled a collection of different locations of Vista Images. Click photos below to enlarge.

Hotel Complex

Villa for Sale

Villa to Rent

Nerja Beach

Beach Holiday

Construction Site



More Information

If you have any question or when customization work of your property photos is required, please contact us at 609 179 550 or 95 251 6494 or alternatively email us. You may find also useful information on our News / Blog.


Villa with Pool in Sayalonga
3 Beds, 2 Baths, Pool, Garage - near Coast (Torrox-Costa)
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